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  • Have you ever felt curious about or drawn towards Past Lives?
  • Are you encountering the same situations or issues over and over again in your present lifetime?
  • Would you like to go on a powerful and immersive soul journey to experience and explore your own Past Lives?

“Journey into the beautiful dream that is life… the end is only the beginning”

– Dr. Brian Weiss

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a safe, insightful and highly interactive way of accessing and exploring your Past Lives in great detail.

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It’s easy for you to tap into and explore your Past Lives using Hypnosis because all of your Past Life memories lay just below the surface of your everyday awareness.

Apart from being a unique and fascinating experience, there are many benefits you can gain from exploring your Past Lives with Past Life Regression.

Some common examples of these are:

  • Resolution of current issues by understanding and clearing Past Life traumas
  • Improved relationships by discovering your
    Soul Family and Karmic connections from Past Lives
  • Gaining clarity and greater understanding of your Life Purpose by uncovering chosen life lessons
  • Resolution of unexplained or recurring life patterns, physical or emotional ailments,
    fears or phobias etc.
  • Learning and carrying forward valuable knowledge and skills from Past Lives to help
    you in the present
  • Positive shift of perception and perspective of life and the world around you

A Past Life Regression Session lasts approx. 2 hours where we will begin with some discussion about your goals, how the process works and any questions you may have.

Then, you will be gently guided into a calm, deeply relaxed state to re-visit and explore the most appropriate Past Life for you to experience at the time of your session.

As we explore your Past Life in detail, all you have to do is let me know whatever you’re seeing, sensing, feeling etc. as we progress through the experience.

This is easy to do because you will be in a deeply relaxed state allowing you to become fully immersed in the Past Life you’re re-experiencing.

After the experience, you will be gently guided back to full awareness where we will discuss and de-brief your Past Life experience.

Yes, you will receive a digital recording of your Session so you can tap back into the experience anytime you wish to re-visit the details, insights, guidance and more.

This will be sent 2-3 days after your session, allowing you to process your session and integrate the energies and changes before listening back.

Past Life Regression Testimonials:

“Jonathan guided me through a past life regression session that was very eye opening and healing on a deep, soul level.

I had some truly amazing realizations right as I was coming out of the experience as well as continued epiphanies in the weeks following.

I have been able to integrate these lessons and heal parts of myself that I didn’t realize needed healing.

My current life and personality make more sense to me than ever before and I have a much fuller understanding of how to move forward in this life.

I am eternally grateful for this experience. Thank you Jonathan.”

Rebecca, USA

“It was my first time doing a past life regression session and I am very happy to share that I had a wonderful experience with Jonathan.

He is very kind and understanding and made me understand the process in depth.

The session with him was wonderful.

I was comfortable throughout and got answers to the issue that was bothering me.

I will highly recommend Jonathan to anyone looking for any spiritual therapy! Thanks so much Jonathan!”

Tasneem, Ireland

“I recently had a past life regression session with Jonathan.

This was my first time experiencing this so I didn’t know what to expect.

Jonathan explained everything very well, I felt very comfortable and safe.

Jonathan is extremely talented.
He was able to safely guide me to recover past memories and incarnations.

I was able to remember everything and observe the lessons and values in each part of the session.

It was a very powerful session which has helped me to live a more fulfilled life in my current life.

This powerful session was carried out over Zoom, it`s remarkable!

I`m so grateful for Jonathan helping me and I really recommend his offerings.”

Niamh, Ireland

“Hi Jonathan!
Many many positive thoughts and vibes your way!

I oftentimes think about the amazing experience I had with you and your ability to open me up for further learning and exploration into my past lives and how those align with my current life.

Nothing is a coincidence and I truly believe you were put in my path for a reason. Thank you!

The past life was so painfully beautiful. That one session helped heal some of my past life traumas and made me a better person today.

With much love, I wish you the very best and success!”

Paty, USA

“This is something I had always wanted to try and I was not sure what to expect, but wow what a surreal experience!

I felt I was in the person (past life) I could feel their happiness and love, their pain, their fear and even the cold when I went into a ravine river!

When my past life husband died, the pain I felt was immense, even though in this time I stayed and felt calm, I could feel that emotion go through me and I cried real tears! And felt real grief! And when I was in the river I felt so cold it took me an hour or two to warm up after the reading!

It was such an amazing experience and I thank Jonathan again for helping me experience this as it was an amazing experience and has given me lots to digest and think about 🙂 :)”

Mary, England

“The session I had with Jonathan was Amazing and I released a lot of emotions connected to a past life which was totally unexpected.

I am very grateful for this opportunity.”


“Jonathan provided a wonderful and highly professional experience from start to finish.

He looked after me so well – he took the time to really understand where I was at and what I was looking to get from the past life regression session, he made sure he answered all my questions beforehand, prepared me thoroughly with all the information I needed, expertly facilitated the session and helped me debrief afterwards.

He knows his stuff and he’s clearly a natural when it comes to guiding others in the metaphysical realms.

I would highly recommend him.

Thank you again, Jonathan!”

Fiona, Ireland
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