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Darina, Ireland

"Jonathan made me feel very comfortable throughout my hypnosis session with him.

He has a fun, non-judgemental approach to his work and is quite knowledgeable
in the various realms relevant to what he does.

I noticed he takes a very honest and thorough approach to his work - ensuring and testing
he has fully cleared the issue before completing the session.

I had just one session with him for an issue I had been dealing with for over 10 years and to
say it has changed my life for the better is an understatement.

I can finally be free to be who I once was before the problem
had a major impact on my life these last 10 years.

It took a week for the results to come which I put down to internal processing/
the issue filtering out but when it did there was great change for me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to live again!"

Clinical Hypnosis for:

• Fears & Phobias
• Unwanted Habits
• Quitting Smoking
• Anxiety Relief
• Weight Loss
• And more!

Deborah, England

"Jonathan, I want to say a HUGE thank you!

I couldn't imagine going from a smoker to non smoker in one session and waking up the
next day not having a cigarette with my first coffee of the day.

After the session, I was aware that I could have a cigarette
if I wanted to and I couldn't believe that I didn't actually want one!

I haven't smoked once since.

AMAZING thank you so much.
I will 100% recommend you to others."

Spiritual Hypnosis for:

• Exploring Past Lives and other lifetimes
• Connecting with your Higher Self to receive answers and guidance
• Physical and emotional healing

Anonymous, Ireland

“I can only express positive things from my experience with Jonathan and QHHT.

I was a novice entering this process, but I went with an open mind and trusting
the process and I am very grateful I did.

I found many answers and I found a lot of peace and patience.

This happened in various ways, but to share one example:

I suffered from PTSD before meeting Jonathan, and as part of this I had cognitive issues
and I had trouble recognising myself in a photograph.

I could see that it was physically me, but emotionally
I did not connect with the person in the photo.

10 days after my session, after seeing many shifts in myself,
I was delighted to see a photograph of myself and feel like it was me in the image.

I believe I experienced an emotional shift as a result of my QHHT session
and speaking as someone who has had many therapy sessions,
considering the time spent in QHHT with Jonathan I got real value for my time invested.

I would recommend this process and I would strongly recommend Jonathan.

Jonathan listened without judgement, with interest and confidence.”

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