Fears & Phobias Hypnosis Session Ireland Online Phobia Cure

  • Is a Fear or Phobia stopping you from living your life to the fullest?
  • Have you been missing out in different areas of your life as a result?
  • Are you ready to let it go and move forward with the freedom and peace of mind that you deserve?

Hypnosis is a highly effective method of resolving Fears & Phobias safely,
easily and most importantly… permanently!


The human brain is a complex machine that constantly scans our environment for perceived threats.

In certain contexts, our brains can label something as a “threat”, creating a fear response in the body and mind in an attempt to keep us safe from the “threat”.

Unfortunately, our brains aren’t very fussy and in the right circumstances, can develop a fear response to just about anything.

Ranging from more common fears like spiders, needles, and snakes to some more uncommon ones like wet floors, high ceilings, certain types of foods or even freshly cut grass!

The good news is; no matter what your Fear or Phobia is about (or how long you’ve had it for), we will quickly and easily work to remove that irrational fear response from the body and the mind.

This process allows us to re-train your brain to stop perceiving the old “fear” as a threat, meaning it will no longer affect you as it had been.

You will simply let it go, take back control of how you feel and move forward with the freedom and peace of mind that you deserve!

Ready to let go of your fear or phobia to experience calm and freedom?

Hypnosis for Fears & Phobias – Client Testimonials

“I came to Jonathan as I was struggling with CFS/ME and I needed help with shifting my outlook.

I couldn’t see a way out and I couldn’t visualise ever being better again.

After the first session with Jonathan I felt a renewed sense of hope and a marked reduction in pain.

I think that working with Jonathan has helped me see that I am the key to my recovery and I can slowly and surely get back to dancing, walking and socialising again.

With CFS there is a lot of fear and I think hypnosis with Jonathan helped me work with that fear and stop it from holding me back.

Thank you Jonathan for being so generous, kind and compassionate while working together.”

Cáit, Ireland

“Thank you Jonathan for the amazing hypnosis and mindscaping session,
I felt comfortable and safe all the way through you have a wonderful relaxing manner.

I am blown away and feel amazing.

Thank you doesn’t seem enough I’m so excited!!”

Jean, England

“Hi Jonathan. I feel great since the last session.

I went shopping today and felt very different about spending money.

Very subtle but a definite shift!

Thank you so much.”

Aoife, Ireland

“I feel absolutely amazing, jonathans session was just so perfect.

just 1 session was worth more than $1000’s of dollars and it saves multiple years for me.

I’m truly grateful today’s my 2nd day and I still have the same excitement and feel absolutely amazing I don’t have any insecurity or any anxiety or stress.”

Ganesh, India
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