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What is Quantum Journeys Hypnosis (QJH)?

Quantum Journeys Hypnosis (QJH) is a multi-dimensional approach to change and healing combining elements of Clinical Hypnosis, Spiritual Exploration and Quantum Healing.

This unique combination allows you to tap into the mind-body-spirit connection to explore and receive valuable insights, clarity and healing on the physical, emotional and energetic/spiritual levels.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

– Nikola Tesla

In QJH, we achieve this multi-layered change by working with both your Unconscious Mind and your “Higher Self”.

Your “Higher Self” is the wise, caring, intuitive, all-knowing part of you that has always been with you; since the very beginning of your Soul’s journey.

This part of you also has a much greater understanding of your past, present and future, your life and soul purpose, as well as how to best help you moving forward.

QJH Practitioner. Quantum Journeys Hypnosis. Jonathan Finn Hypnosis. QJH Session. Quantum Hypnosis. Akashic Records.

Quantum Journeys Hypnosis (QJH) is a gentle yet powerful method of addressing a wide range of physical, emotional or spiritual issues.

Please see below for some examples of common areas and issues addressed with QJH:

There are many possibilities of what you may experience or where you may go in a QJH Session.

In most cases, we allow your Higher Self and Unconscious Mind to lead the way, guiding you to whatever experience is most appropriate based on your goals.

This is because they both have a much greater understanding of whatever it is you wish to address and the best way to do so, allowing you to move forward in health, happiness and purpose.

Below is a list of some experiences you may be guided to in your QJH Session(s):

  • Exploring Past, Future or Parallel Lifetimes
  • Meeting your Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels
  • Communicating with your “Inner Healer”
  • Connecting with your “Higher Self” to receive answers, insights and guidance
  • Visiting the Akashic Records
  • Discovering and exploring your Soul Contract
  • Designing and downloading your own “Quantum Jump” (Timeline Shifting)

However, if you wish to have a certain experience in your QJH Session (Meeting your Spirit Guides, for example), you can also do that too!

Yes, you will receive a digital recording of your QJH Session(s) so you can continue to receive healing, insights and guidance whenever you listen back to it in the future.

This will be sent 2-3 days after your Session, allowing you time to process your session and integrate the energies and changes before re-visiting the experience.

Quantum Journeys Hypnosis. QJH Session. QJH Practitioner.

Quantum Journeys Hypnosis (QJH) Testimonials

“I had 2 sessions of QJH with Jonathan. During each session I was very comfortable in my own space and was expertly guided through the session by Jonathan.

Jonathan really makes an effort to get to know you in order to understand how the sessions can benefit you.

Since the sessions I have a new lightness and more positive energy than before. Everything around me is flowing much better and I continue to have positive experiences weeks after the sessions.

I would highly recommend these sessions for clarity, peace, healing and promoting trust in a higher power.”

Bernie, Ireland

“I had a remote QJH session with Jonathan, and it was a great experience!

He guided me calmly into a healing space where I could connect with Higher-Self to gain insights about the relationship with my mum.

After the session my sacral chakra felt lighter and I got more insights.

Thanks a lot, Jonathan! I highly recommend him.”

Cinzia, Italy

“My sessions with Jonathan were honestly life changing!

I wanted to work on a deep rooted fear that I had around trusting myself to do well in my business, trusting my intuition, not feeling good enough in general and being able to set healthy boundaries.

The results were almost instant.

I know now where my fears and feelings of not being good enough came from and was able to heal those past wounds during the sessions and I can already see massive changes in the way I look at things now and in how I show up for myself.

I’m so excited going forward for the changes that these sessions will bring to my life!”

Theresa, Ireland

“I highly enjoyed working with Jonathan.

I felt completely safe which is so important.
It allowed me to go deep and have great experiences.

Jonathan was a perfect guide, leaving no stone unturned and propelling me forward.

He both guided and went with the flow, so I really felt like it was my experience.

I highly recommend Jonathan for hypnosis, you will not regret it!”

Margaret, USA

“I had an incredible experience with Jonathan during my recent QJH session.

He was an amazing guide, leading me through a transformative journey that exceeded all my expectations.

Not only did he provide expert guidance and support before, throughout and after the session, but the results were truly remarkable.

Immediately after the session, I noticed positive shifts in my mindset and emotions, increased self- worth and even experienced synchronicities that reaffirmed the impact of the session and what we were working through.

Jonathan helped me delve deep into themes we discussed before the session, and the changes I experienced were truly impressive.

I can’t thank Jonathan enough for his time, dedication, expertise, and support on this amazing QJH journey.

I highly recommend him to anyone seeking profound transformation and healing through hypnotherapy!”

Magdalena, England

“I had the pleasure of experiencing a QJH hypnotherapy session by distance with Jonathan.

Jonathan was clear and calm and led me into a beautiful place of healing where higher aspects of being could share their wisdom and assist my journey.

Thank you so much Jonathan.

Highly recommend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🌈”

Gem, Australia

“Hello Jonathan, Thank you for the recording which I have saved. I want to thank you for the session. It was quite an experience.

Since then, I have been feeling quite wonderful.
My pain is reduced dramatically and I am feeling very good about my life.

I feel very taken care of and I now can sink into meditation much more deeply and can step away from the body and go to a place where I can connect.

I am deeply grateful for your skill and careful appreciation which has helped me to arrive at this place.”

Deirdre, Ireland

“I had a great time in two QJH sessions online with Jonathan.

He is very patient and asks the right questions when necessary.

He is very understanding, open and above all the whole thing felt completely safe and easy for me.

Highly recommended.”

Mary, Ireland

“I highly recommend a Quantum Journeys Hypnosis Session with Jonathan.

His voice naturally relaxes you as he guides you into the depths of your inner being, allowing you to go where you need to go for the answers and guidance you were searching for.

Encouraging what you need to unfold in a natural way, in its own time.

I am so thankful for the experience.

Jonathan is so positive, uplifting, and therapeutic, you won’t be disappointed.”

Pam, USA

“I have been feeling amazing.
A huge weight has lifted so to speak.

My family have really noticed. I feel really happy.
It’s incredible.

Thank you Jonathan”

Aoife, Ireland

“He does an amazing job!

Really helped my hip pain I’ve suffered with for many years!

Couldn’t give him enough thanks, gratitude or recommendations!

Thank you so so very much!

If u need help make an appointment today!

Jonathan Finn deserves more than 5 stars ⭐ “

Bridgette, USA

“I had an absolute pleasure of experiencing Quantum Healing session by distance with Jonathan.
It was a deep and profound experience.
He was clear and calm with his guidance and I felt safe and very comfortable the whole time.
Jonathan is kind, patient and understanding and guide you the way it would benefits you the most.

Since the session, I have an incredible lightness, positive energy and I am aware about the protection around me.
I have noticed how much more grounded I am in the now moment.
Absolutely amazing experience and I am very grateful.”

Katarzyna, England
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