• Are you dealing with a physical or emotional issue that has no obvious cause?
  • Have you struggled to find answers or help through traditional treatments?
  • Do you feel like that issue may never go away?

Every ache, pain and symptom is the body delivering a message of importance to you in it’s own unique language.

– Julia Cannon

Soul Speak – The Language of Your Body is an amazing modality that teaches you how to understand the true meaning and messages behind the physical and/or emotional issues you’re experiencing.

This insightful modality was developed by Julia Cannon (Daughter of the Late Dolores Cannon).

Julia Cannon was a Registered Nurse in Intensive Care and Home Health for over 20 years and combined her medical knowledge and expertise with the vast metaphysical insights discovered from the countless QHHT Sessions facilitated by her mother, Dolores Cannon.

Drawing from her vast experience in conventional medicine as well as the consistent meanings given behind various issues in QHHT Sessions, Julia compiled the meanings behind numerous different physical and emotional issues into both a book and Practitioner course.

“I have found that everything can be cured if the person is willing to release it.”

– Dolores Cannon

As Spiritual beings, our body is our temporary vehicle in this lifetime and just like any vehicle that has an issue, it will display warning signs to get us to pay attention!

However, instead of a glowing light on a dashboard, our bodies give us warning signs in the form of physical or emotional symptoms.

Our bodies do this because pain is one of the easiest ways to get us to pay attention!

It will only resort to this as a last resort after we’ve ignored the other minor warning signs it has given us through our intuition, gut feelings etc.

A Soul Speak Session teaches you how to understand the messages your body is trying to tell you through your physical and/or emotional symptoms.

Once you understand these messages and if necessary, take action;
the message has finally been “received” and your symptoms no longer serve a purpose.

Your body can then release and let go of the old symptoms as they are no longer needed!

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Jonathan Finn is a Certified Practitioner of Julia Cannon’s Soul Speak – The Language of Your Body.
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