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QHHT Ireland. QHHT Galway. QHHT Practitioner. Jonathan Finn Hypnosis. QHHT near me.
The late, great Dolores Cannon; world-renowned Past Life Regressionist and Creator of QHHT

“There are no limitations, unless you create them yourselves. Anything is possible. You are only limited by your own imagination.”

– Dolores Cannon

What is QHHT?

QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) is a unique and transformative experience that allows you to easily enter a deep, relaxed trance state, experience an insightful journey to the most appropriate time and place for you and connect with the powerful, all-knowing part of you; your Higher Self.

(Dolores often referred to this part in her work as the “Subconscious” or “SC”)

While in this deep, relaxed trance state, you can receive clarity, answers and healing from your Higher Self.

QHHT was developed over 40 years ago by the late, great Dolores Cannon; a world-renowned Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist and author of 21 ground-breaking books.

In fact, all of the mind-blowing material in her books came directly from the many, many QHHT sessions she facilitated over the years!

What are the benefits of a QHHT Session?

There are many reasons why people seek a QHHT session.

Some people may feel:

  • In need of clarity for different aspects of their lives such as
    Life Purpose, relationships, career etc.
  • Held back by physical and/or emotional issues in their lives
  • Drawn to explore and learn from their Soul’s past incarnations and experiences
  • That they’re experiencing the same situations and patterns over and over again in their lives!

Imagine being able to:

  • Discover your True Life Purpose and what you’re meant to be doing in this lifetime
  • Receive answers to your questions and clarity around career, health, relationships etc.
  • Experience clarity and relief if appropriate from physical/emotional health issues
  • Experience a unique and insightful journey through your Soul’s timeline
  • Break habits and addictions
  • Sharpen your intuition and psychic abilities
  • Release and let go of past traumas, fears and phobias
  • Discover the meaning of dreams, occurrences or synchronicities

These are just a few examples of what is possible during a QHHT session!

QHHT Ireland. QHHT Practitioner near me. Dolores Cannon Hypnosis Ireland.

Healing and the Higher Self:

QHHT has the potential to be a highly effective method of providing relief for both physical and emotional issues if appropriate.

It’s important to note that whilst relief from various issues can and often does occur, there are times where it may not be appropriate.

One example of this may be if a person chose to experience a particular issue or illness as part of their Soul contract.

In most cases, the Higher Self would not resolve the issue as this would interfere with the Soul’s pre-planned growth and learning.

Another example may be in the case of issues caused by abuse of or lack of care for the body where the person has taken no action to improve and/or has no desire to really change.

The Higher Self will not heal in these cases as it knows the person will simply go back to their previous actions of harming the body once healed.

Please watch the video below where Dolores herself discusses different kinds of healing which have occurred in her own sessions.

“I have found that everything can be cured if the person is willing to release it.”

– Dolores Cannon

What will I experience in my Session?

This varies greatly from person to person as every QHHT session is just as unique as you are!

What a person experiences during their session will be what is most appropriate for them at the present moment.

This may be a Past Life, the Current Life, Life as an Energy Being, ET or Animal, Source or something else entirely!

This is because your Higher Self knows exactly what you need to experience in your session to best help you in the present.

Remember, your Higher Self has the bigger picture and knows us much better than we know ourselves.

For this reason, it is important to let go of any expectations of what you may experience during your session and to simply trust how your session unfolds!

What is the structure of a Session?

  • When you arrive, we will begin with a friendly chat and just getting to know each other.
  • We will talk about you, your life’s journey, and everything in between to help us discover how you can get the most out of your QHHT session.
  • We will also discuss just how easy and natural
    it is for you to enter a deep, relaxed state of hypnosis.
  • In fact, we ALL pass through these hypnotic states several times everyday! (This means you’re already a master at going into hypnosis!)
  • After our chat, we will review your list of questions before we begin the
    hypnosis part of the session.
Hypnosis Portion:

QHHT Practitioner Near Me. Dolores Cannon Hypnosis Ireland.

  • As you lay down and we begin your session, you will notice just how
    easy and natural the hypnosis experience is as you begin to drift into your deep, relaxed trance state.
  • And as you do, all you have to do is simply tell me whatever you’re noticing!
  • Throughout your session, I will simply be asking you to tell me what you’re experiencing, seeing, feeling etc.
  • All you have to do is trust yourself and answer with
    the very first thing you notice, or, the very first thing that comes to mind.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that there is no wrong way
    to experience QHHT, only numerous right ways!
  • So with this in mind, you can just relax, trust the process and let the magic unfold.
  • Seems easy, doesn’t it? That’s because it really is!

QHHT Ireland. Dolores Cannon Hypnosis. QHHT near me.

  • After the hypnosis, I will gently guide you
    out of deep trance and you’ll feel wonderful and well rested!
  • Then, we will have a short de-brief and discuss your session experience.
  • After you leave, I will send you the audio recording of your session via email or an alternative method if you prefer.
  • This will be sent within 48 hrs as it is good to allow yourself to process your session and integrate the energies before listening back.
  • Listening back to your session is also an important part of the process as this provides further insights and information after
    the session as well as re-enforcing the
    changes made during your session.

QHHT Session Testimonials:

“I recently had my first QHHT session with Jonathan.

I have to say that I loved the session.
I found Jonathan very comfortable to talk to.

The session was done at a slow, steady space.
It felt like Jonathan had all the time in the world for me.

We discussed everything I wanted insights and answers on in advance.

I very easily went into trance with Jonathan’s expertise and comforting voice.

The session itself gave me amazing insights, clarification and peace.

I even connected with a very high guide during my session which was comforting to know how well I am looked after.

I was given amazing messages about my life and life’s work and I would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan and the healing benefits of QHHT.

Thank you again Jonathan.”

– Elaine

“I had Hypnosis and QHHT sessions with Jonathan and found both very powerful.

Jonathan held space really well making me feel safe and supported.

I feel he is very intuitive and knows how to pace a session in response to what the client is experiencing.

Because of this I was able to relax and get the most out of my sessions.

I would highly recommend Jonathan. He truly cares about his clients and is a very skilled practitioner.”

– Frances

“Jonathan had his work cut out as my Higher Self (HS) is a bit stern to deal with but he managed “me” amazingly!!

It was a long session, but a few takeaways that I’m sitting with:

I’d been holding a lot of anger in my throat & jaw from an event in this lifetime but also many lives.

Jonathan worked with my HS to shift this even though my conscious self was resisting.

My HS said that if I had not let it go, it would have become throat cancer!

My HS took the opportunity to open my head & do some “rewiring” on my brain.

This is the 2nd session this has happened in, but it feels like the thought processes I’m carrying are from many lifetimes.

It’s an odd feeling because it literally felt like the top of my head was wide open!

Honoured to have worked with you Jonathan.
The session has helped me to get back on track again.”

– Karen

“I recently had a QHHT session with Jonathan.

From start to finish, Jonathan was a fantastic practitioner.

After making the booking, I was anxious about what to expect on the day but Jonathan was calm and understanding, walking me through the process and assuring any questions or doubts were addressed and clearly resolved.

On the day of the session, I met with Jonathan in his beautiful, relaxing therapy room. With a warm reception I felt at ease.

The full session from the meeting to the end was conducted with a flowing, present, relaxing manner.

The session lasted a few hours but passed by very quickly and was an eye and mind opening experience!

Jonathan remained professional yet human throughout, offering support, guidance and the ever important cup of coffee after 😊 !

I would comfortably and confidently recommend a session with Jonathan.

Be prepared for an experience that allows you to see how eternal we truly are!

Thank you Jonathan!”

– Claudia

“I can only express positive things from my experience with Jonathan and QHHT.

I was a novice entering this process, but I went with an open mind and trusting the process and I am very grateful I did.

I found many answers and I found a lot of peace and patience.

This happened in various ways, but to share one example:

I suffered from PTSD before meeting Jonathan, and as part of this I had cognitive issues and I had trouble recognising myself in a photograph.

I could see that it was physically me, but emotionally I did not connect with the person in the photo.

10 days after my session, after seeing many shifts in myself, I was delighted to see a photograph of myself and feel like it was me in the image.

I believe I experienced an emotional shift as a result of my QHHT session, and speaking as someone who has had many therapy sessions, considering the time spent in QHHT with Jonathan I got real value for my time invested.

I would recommend this process and I would strongly recommend Jonathan.

Jonathan listened without judgement, with interest and confidence.”

– Anonymous

“I had an incredible QHHT experience with Jonathan, he’s such an amazing Soul!

Jonathan takes the time to really know you, to understand your necessities and make sure he guides you to answer all your questions so you can understand as much as possible.

The therapy is gentle and there is nothing to be afraid of, you only going to see what you are ready to see.

It is a life changing experience that will help you understand the origin of lots of issues and how to let them go!

Thanks Jonathan!!”

– Marlene

“I had an amazing session with Jonathan.

The insights from my hypnosis have answered so many questions and provided guidance for my soul purpose and journey in this lifetime.

Jonathan is very skilled and competent hypnotherapist.

I highly recommend his services.”

– Gita
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Jonathan Finn is a Certified QHHT Level Two Practitioner based in
Co. Galway, Ireland.

Jonathan is also a Certified Practitioner of Julia Cannon’s method: Soul Speak – The Language of Your Body.
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QHHT Ireland

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