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How long does a QHHT session last?

An average QHHT session lasts approximately 5 hours.
(This may sound like a long time but it goes by quickly when you’re in deep trance!)

Dolores Cannon always said that a QHHT session cannot be rushed; this is your day and you will not leave the same person who arrived in the morning!

Please note that session lengths may vary as every session and every person is unique; some sessions may be longer, some may be slightly shorter.

Rest assured that we will take as long as needed for you to relax, enjoy your session and have the best experience possible!

Therefore, it is highly advised to keep the day/evening of your session free so you can really relax and enjoy your experience.

What questions can I ask in my QHHT session?

This is a very common question and the good news is, you can ask your Higher Self just about anything!

From Life Purpose, Dreams and Spiritual Experiences; to Careers, Relationships and Health.

Most people have an idea of what they’d like to ask in their list of questions but feel free to get creative; what would you ask the all-knowing part of you?

Please see below for examples of commonly asked questions:

  • What is my Life Purpose?
  • What’s the cause of my health issue(s)?
  • Is there anything I should add or change in my diet for optimal health?
  • Why have I always had a fear or phobia of “X”?
  • Why am I having a difficult relationship with “X”? (Family member, partner etc.)
  • I’d like a change in my current job/career.
    Should I change and what should I do instead?
  • I’ve always had an interest in “X”.
    (Hobby, passion etc.)
    Is there any significance behind this?
  • I had a dream, vision, synchronicity etc. happen.
    What was the meaning behind it?
  • What is my biggest block/obstacle stopping me from moving forward?
  • How can I create more peace/balance/abundance in my life?
  • How can I improve my intuitive and psychic abilities?
  • Can I meet my Spirit Guides and/or Guardian Angels?

It’s recommended to group your list of approx. 15-20 questions together by category; Health, Relationships, Spiritual etc.

How many sessions do I need?

Because we take as much time as needed, most people find they only need one session to cover whatever they came for.

However, as personal growth is a journey, some people may feel the need to explore another session in the future out of curiosity, for clarity on new issues, life situations etc.

Dolores Cannon worked with most people only once but worked with certain people multiple times to receive the information for her ground-breaking books!

What issues/ailments can be addressed with QHHT?

QHHT has the potential to be a highly effective method of providing relief for both physical and emotional issues if appropriate.

People often ask if QHHT can provide them with clarity or relief on their particular issue/ailment so below are some examples of issues that I have encountered in my QHHT sessions.

  • Joint pains
  • Recurring headaches
  • Back issues
  • Skin issues (Rashes, Eczema etc.)
  • Fertility issues
  • Anxiety
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Brain Fog
  • Diabetes
  • PTSD
  • Vision issues
  • Addictions & Habits
    (Smoking, Drugs, Food issues etc.)
  • Energy imbalances
  • Thyroid issues
  • Asthma
  • Sleep issues
  • Allergies
    (Animals, Foods, Hayfever etc.)
  • Digestive issues
  • Weight issues
  • Acid Reflux
  • Recurring infections
    (Kidneys, sinus etc.)
  • Hearing issues
    (General hearing loss, tinnitus etc.)

Please watch the video below where the late Dolores Cannon discusses different experiences of healing she has witnessed in her own sessions.

“I have found that everything can be cured if the person is willing to release it”

– Dolores Cannon

QHHT Session Testimonials:

“I had the privilege of having a QHHT session with Jonathan recently… a truly wonderful experience!

As a facilitator, Jonathan was gentle, attuned, unobtrusive and respectful.

I found myself revisiting virtually my whole life’s journey to date and was aware of a sense of admiration and respect for life and myself!

It was a real treat and luxury to have this experience!

QHHT cuts out the middle man and for me Jonathan was a gentle guide reinforcing my own connection with my inner sovereignty!

Thank you once again, Jonathan, for facilitating what I can only describe as a deeper immersion into Self.”

– Edel

“My goal with this session was to solve the age-old dilemma of whether my life has any true meaning and while I hate to be cliché, it was an absolutely transformative experience!

I was very impressed with the amount of revelations and insights coming through that I wasn’t even aware of!

As Jonathan counted up to 10, I returned to my physical body—restored, alert, and energized with a sense of focus and intention.
I felt lighter or perhaps enlightened. Everything made sense!

It was a magnificent experience and I’m very glad that I had it with Jonathan, who was an amazing guide on this intimate, inner journey!
Thanks Jonathan”

– Mimmo

“I attended my first ever QHHT session with Jonathan a few months back.

From the minute I walked in the door, I was greeted with a warm welcome.

Jonathan made me feel so at ease for my session.

I went in with an open mind as I didn’t know what to expect but he explained everything to me so thoroughly.

I found the session very relaxing and I must say the time flew!

It’s crazy what the Higher Self can bring through when being asked questions!

I suffer with headaches and after my session I have definitely noticed they have reduced massively which is brilliant!

I haven’t ever experienced anything like QHHT.

It’s something I’ll definitely do again.

Thank you Jonathan”

– Laura

“I highly recommend Jonathan as a QHHT Practitioner.

I have attended many different types of alternative health sessions and hypnotic sessions and honestly, Jonathan is my personal best.

Highly professional, kind, with bright positive energy and serenity guiding you through the process, making you feel, safe, secure and relaxed.

You will feel much lighter and happier after your session.

To me, he is the best in Ireland!

Thanks again Jonathan.”

– Anna
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Jonathan Finn is a Certified QHHT Level Two Practitioner based in
Co. Galway, Ireland.

Jonathan is also a Certified Practitioner of Julia Cannon’s method: Soul Speak – The Language of Your Body.
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