In this 2 hour Online Group Workshop,
you will:

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Finally, you will connect with your “Inner Child” to bring them peace, security and deep healing.

No matter what age you are, you have a part of you known as the “Inner Child”.

This part of you is often carrying some form of pain, wounding or trauma from childhood.

(Remember, an experience you may think is insignificant as an adult can often be quite the opposite from a child’s perspective)

This old pain or trauma is carried by your “Inner Child”, where it can negatively impact you and different areas of your daily life.

By connecting with your “Inner Child” and freeing them from old pain or trauma they’ve been carrying, there is great potential for a ripple effect of healing to occur, lending itself to improved emotional and/or physical well-being.

  • A pen and paper
  • A quiet, comfortable place
    to sit or lay down

(If you wish, you can join this Workshop and still participate fully without your camera and/or microphone on)




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